There are two ways on how to put your contacts in JuanTax
A. Create the transactions one by one using the system
B. Import your contacts using a CSV file.

A. Manual Entry

STEP 1: Go to Contacts 

STEP 2: Click Create Contact 

STEP 3: Fill out the form with the contact's basic information and click Add Contact.

You can also set up default tax information for a contact. By default, the tax information is used when you create transactions for a specific contact.

If you add a transaction to a Contact without an existing Default Tax Information, you will receive a prompt message giving you the option to set up the Default Tax Information or continue the transaction without filling out the form and just do it at a later date.

B. Importing your Contacts

Note: There are NO LIMITS when it comes to the number of contacts that you can import in JuanTax.

Listed below are the steps in uploading your CSV spreadsheet file into JuanTax:

  1. Prepare your CSV file. You may also extract your SLSPs as a CSV so you do not need to re-type it again.

  2. Make sure your CSV file has a header. Type the name of the header which best describes the whole column. We will later map those headers with the corresponding fields in JuanTax.

  3. Click on the menu on the upper left-hand side of the dashboard.

4.  Click on Contacts > Import Contacts > Browse. Select the CSV file you wish to import.

5.  Map the appropriate fields from your CSV file to JuanTax. Make sure you MAP all the fields applicable.

Note: Do not click on next until you’ve seen the mapped items. Review the items if it belongs to the correct column. If you’re good with it, finish importing the items. 

6.  Once your done mapping, the REVIEW IMPORT shows all the details that needed to be changed or updated

 That's it! You have now successfully imported your contacts!

Helpful Link:

Contacts Report in JuanTax

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