With JuanTax, you can create a list of branches straight from your account, and manage them to your extent.

  • Adding Branches via Manual Data Entry
  • Multiple Adding of Branches in Manual Entry
  • Bulk Import via CSV format
  • Mass Editing of Branches
  • Managing your Branches

Adding Branches Via Manual Data Entry

Begin to add your branch outlets into JuanTax by going to Settings on your dashboard menu bar and choose Branch Settings

Click the plus (+) sign to start adding branches. Enter information such as Branch Code, Address, City, Postal Code, Phone and RDO (Regional District Office).

Multiple Adding of Branches in Manual Entry

Users can now also do multiple adding of outlets in their branches within JuanTax. This is designed for businesses which are operating various branches.

Once you had added an outlet, and entered your branch information, you can simply click on +Add Line button to start adding other branches.

Note: In setting up your branch codes, make sure that it follows the consecutive number of your created branch. In this example, I have three branches that were all located in Makati. In my first entered outlet in branch information, I used the branch code 001 as the starter code, then I added my other two branches with codes 002 and 003.

Hit Save button to update your list. You can also remove any branches by simply clicking the (x) button.

Bulk Import via CSV format

Aside from adding branches via data entry, JuanTax now also allows you to do bulk imports via CSV format.

If you had already created a CSV file containing information of your branches. Start importing your outlets by clicking the Import Branch(es) button.

 You’ll be prompted to a modal which shows you the setup wizard on how you should import your CSV file to JuanTax.

First, is by uploading your CSV file with all the required branch information. Click on the Browse button to start importing your branches.

Map the appropriate fields from your CSV file to JuanTax. Make sure you MAP all the fields applicable.

Review your imports, then proceed with finishing the import by clicking DONE.

Mass Editing of Branches

You can now also do bulk revisions of your branches in JuanTax. In order to do this, you should first select the branches that you wanted to edit, then click the Edit All icon.

Edit any fields that you want in the Branch Information window. Click the Save button to update your changes.

A notification will appear that you successfully updated your branch information.

Managing Branch Outlets

You can also search for specific outlets in your list of branches by simply clicking the magnifying glass icon. 

You can also delete them from the list if you want to, just by marking the checkbox of the outlet that you want to remove and clicking the trash icon.

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