For example you have two reimbursement receipts, one from Starbucks and another one from 7-11.

STEP 1: Enter receipts for reimbursement

In order to generate the right reports in JuanTax, you need to create a bill in Xero, along with the details of your reimbursement that will be paid to a “suspense account”.

In this example, we created two separate bills:
Bill #1: Starbucks
Bill #2: 7-11



STEP 2: Enter a bill for the person asking for the reimbursement

You need to create another bill, but this time you should use your suspense payment source as the account for the purchase. This is for the two bills to offset and “zero out” when it is paid. 

Make sure to put a Xero Tax Rate (you may use the locked accounts in Xero with 0%) so it will not reflect in JuanTax. In this example we used Tax Exempt as Tax Rate, and we combined the two purchases in one bill.

Once you integrate JuanTax with Xero, the reimbursement in Xero will automatically be pushed, and would reflect in the Purchases section, as seen in the Sources section of your generated report.

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