Start filing your tax return by clicking the Options button on the top right of your report.

Go to Step 1, which is the Filing Type that you will use to your tax return.

You have two options on how you would file your return, it's through (A) Manual Filing or (B) eBIR Filing through JuanTax.

Note: In order for you to enable eBIR filing in JuanTax, you'll need to upload a scanned copy, or image of your BIR Certificate of Registration (Form 2303).

A. Manual Filing

In this process, you can view and print a copy of your tax form, and be able to submit it to your designated Revenue District Office. There are two buttons present namely: (1) Mark as Filed and (2) SAWT.

1. Mark as Filed Option

Click the Mark as Filed button for you to acknowledge that filing type as the method in filing the report. After that, click the OK, FILE THIS REPORT to continue.

A notification will appear, stating that you had successfully filed your report in JuanTax.

2. SAWT download

The SAWT button lets you download a DAT or Excel file format of your SAWT.

B. eBIR Filing through JuanTax

Check out this link to learn more about eBIR filings in JuanTax.

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Step 5: Payment

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