Generating 1601C

These instructions are designed to assist taxpayers, or their representatives, with the preparation of their BIR form 1601C using JuanTax.

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BIR Form 1601C is filed by a withholding agent who deducts and withholds taxes on compensation paid to employees.

STEP 1: From the sidebar menu, click on Tax Forms, then Compensation.

STEP 2: Make sure you are on the 1601-C tab. To start generating your report, click the (+) button on the upper right portion of the page.

STEP 3: Read the reminders and, if you agree with JuanTax’s terms of use, click on the Generate button below.

STEP 4: Enter the Year and Month that you wish to generate the report for then click on the Generate button.

STEP 5: Go to the Sources tab and start adding your employee(s)’ compensation details by clicking the A. add/plus icon (+) or B. the import icon (↑).

STEP 6: To make sure all the entries are correct, go to the Summary tab. After checking, proceed with filing your 1601-C report by clicking the File Now button.

STEP 7: To proceed with the payment process, mark your report as filed by clicking the Mark as Filed button below.

NOTE: In order for you to access the eBIR filing option in JuanTax, you must first verify your organization.

STEP 8: Choose whether you want to file Manually or Electronically (PayMaya, Credit/Debit Card,, or UnionBank).

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