JuanTax provides the methods for you to easily manage your list of employees for 1601-C forms.

  • Ways to add an employee into JuanTax.

  • Manage your list of employees

  • Deleting an employee(s) contact

Ways to Add an employee into JuanTax

There are two ways to add an employee into JuanTax, it's either by:

  1. List Bulk Import

  2. Manually Adding Employees

  1.  List Bulk Import

To import your list of employees, You would need to go to Contacts, then proceed to the Employees tab.

You would need to have a CSV spreadsheet file which will contain all the employees' necessary information such as TIN, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Employment From, Employment To, Exemption Code

Rate, Region, Sub Filling, Wage Type, and Exemption Code.

Then you need to simply import your CSV file into JuanTax by going to the Contacts section, then go to Employees and click Import Employee(s) icon.

You need to browse for your file and after that, click the Next button to proceed with the setup.

Map the corresponding fields that need. Map all items available in your CSV file. Please take note that you should also make sure to indicate any of the following exemption codes (Z, S, S1, S2, S3, S4, M, M1, M2, M3, M4) based on the number of the employee’s dependents.

After reviewing your data, finish the import by clicking DONE.

 2. Manually Adding Employees

If you had forgotten to include another employee, then all you have to do is to manually add them just by clicking the plus (Add Employee) icon.

To add a new employee, complete the form that will appear on your screen.

  1. Enter your employee's basic information.

2. Fill out your employee's present employer form.

3.  Lastly, you can also include the previous employer information by clicking "Yes" or "No" on the Present Employer tab. Then click Add Employee button to save your changes.

Managing Your List of Employees

Having a lot of employees contact can be hard to manage, but we make it easier for you to search for individual contact that you need from your list.

Click the magnifying glass icon and type the information of the employee that you want from the list.

You can also refine the search of employee per page. Click the 3-dotted icon beside the magnifying glass icon for you to manage your search.

Deleting an Employee(s) Contact

JuanTax also lets you remove any of those staff(s) who were supposedly not included in your list of employees.

Go to the dashboard menu bar and click the Contacts section. You’ll be routed to your list of existing employees where you can pick any of the staff that you want to remove from the list by clicking the employee’s checkbox.

Once you had chosen your employee, click the Delete Employee(s) icon.

Click Yes, Remove this Please button to confirm your action.

A message will show, saying that you had successfully removed the staff from your list.

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