In order for you to process your 1601C form (Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation), you would need:

  1. A list of your employees

  2. Compensation details for each staff

1. List of Employees

Before you start:

Collate your employee(s) necessary information such as TIN, Last Name, First Name, Employment From, Rate, Region, Sub Filling, Wage Type, and Exemption Code.

To learn more about adding an employee in JuanTax, check out this link: Add/Edit/Upload an Employee

2. Compensations

You have two options in adding compensations in JuanTax:

A. Import your Compensations using a CSV file

B. Add your Compensation(s) manually one by one

2.A. Import Compensations via CSV

To import your list of compensations, you would need to have a CSV spreadsheet file that will contain all the necessary information such as Employee TIN, Basic Pay, Payment Date, and Tax Withheld. Other optional fields are Holiday Pay, Overtime Pay, Night Shift Differential Pay, Hazard Pay, and Other than Non-Taxable Compensation.

STEP 1: From the sidebar menu click on Tax Forms then Compensation.

STEP 2: On the Compensations page, click on the (+) add/plus icon on the upper right part of the page to generate a new report.

STEP 3: Enter the Year and Month you wish to create the report for.

STEP 4: Once the report has been created, select the Sources tab and click on the up arrow icon to import the CSV file

STEP 5: Browse for your file and click the Next button to proceed with the setup. Please take note that you first need to add your employees in order to successfully import your compensation data.

STEP 6: Map the required corresponding fields and hit the Next button.

NOTE: Most of the fields have a Multi-select option where you can choose between one or more column headers.

STEP 7: Review your imported data then click the Next button to proceed.

STEP 8: Finish the import by clicking Done.

2.B. Add Compensation(s) Manually

STEP 1: On the Reports page, select the Sources tab, then click on the (+) add/plus icon to add compensation.

STEP 2: Enter information such as Basic Pay, Non-Taxable Compensation, Other than Non-Taxable Compensation as well as Gross Income and Tax Amount. After that, click the Save Changes button to update your list.

If ever the employee that you would add in the compensations window is not part of the employee list that you imported earlier, then you still need to enter all of the employee’s basic information by clicking the Add as New Employee option button. It will prompt you to a modal where you can enter the employee’s data.

Enter information such as Payment Date, Basic Pay, Gross Compensation, Non-Taxable Compensation, Other than Non-Taxable Compensation, Taxable Compensation, and Tax Amount. Click the Save Changes button to update your list.

You can also click the plus icon (+) if you need to add another employee.

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