December 8, 2017

Aside from major changes added to our portal, You can also generate 1702-RT forms, and CSV templates now available for tax forms.

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Generating 1702-RT in Standalone Version

Another addition to our wide list of tax reports which can be generated in JuanTax is the 1702-RT, or the Quarterly Income Tax Return for Corporations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individual Taxpayers

Now, you can easily generate and file yearly income tax returns for your clients electronically, and without the hassle!

To start generating your report, you first need to classify your organization as Non-Individual during the setup of your Standalone organization. Also, you need to choose 1702-RT - Regular Tax Rate radio button so that the report can become available in your account.

Just like any other reports in JuanTax, you need to go to your dashboard and proceed to Income Tax Return. Choose the 1702-RT tab then click the Generate Report (plus icon) to continue.

Look for the year’s quarter that you need to generate a report with. After that, click the Generate button to continue.

A pop-up message will appear, confirming that you had successfully generated the report.

Next up, you need to fill out the fields under Input Summary, with the appropriate information. Don’t worry because all information needed for this section are also included in an actual 1702-RT form.

After you had finished filling out the report, you can now proceed on filing and paying these taxes for good! 

Visit our help site to learn more on how this new reporting feature can be done using JuanTax!

JuanTax Portal UX Design Improvement

We’re also improving your user experience when it comes to our organization portal in JuanTax. Now, you can easily search for any organization, and manage the presentation of all your created organizations within JuanTax.

Search Option

For example, you’re handling 100+ organizations in your JuanTax account, and having difficulties in searching, or switching between organizations.

We know it’s quite hard if once you decided to switch from one organization to another, you need to go to the top of your dashboard and click the more icon before you could go to your portal, which is quite time consuming.

Which is why we’re adding this new magnifying glass (search) icon right next to your organization name so that it would be easy to just search for your desired organization whenever you decide to move from one organization to another!

Type the name of your desired organization in the search box, then click enter to go your organization in an instant!

Improved UX Design

We’ve also added some cool portal representation patterns which was designed to improve your user experience in using our organization portal.

Aside from the normal grid view, we now also included a list view pattern where all your organizations in JuanTax would appear as lists.

For you to be able to change your portal’s design, you only need to click the list view icon next to the magnifying glass icon.

If you need to go back to its original portal design, all you need to do is to click the grid view icon, and that’s it!

Downloadable CSV Templates

One of the most requested features in JuanTax is to have a downloadable CSV template for tax forms, and now it’s happening in our standalone version!

In our newest release, you can now obtain downloadable CSV copies of tax forms and other fillable sections in JuanTax. This feature is now available for sections like Contacts and Employees, as well as tax forms such as 2550M, 2550Q, 1601E, 1604-E, 1601-F and 1601-C.

To start downloading CSV templates, you only need to click the Import icon, and on the import file window, you have to click the download link in order to obtain a copy of the CSV template in an instant!

Once you have downloaded the CSV file, populate the fields with appropriate information and save it before importing the file directly into JuanTax.

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