BIR form 2307, or simply referred to as Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld At Source are certificates which shows income subjected to the expanded withholding tax which is paid by the withholding agent. 

In JuanTax, these kinds of certificates can be done for VAT and can be seen in Schedule 6 and Percentage tax (as seen in Schedule 1).

2306 forms (Certificate of Final Income Tax Withheld) on the other hand, is issued by the withholding agent (employer) which also reflects income subjected to final tax. It’s located in Schedule 8 of the form.

Another thing is that when it comes to final withholding tax, 2306 are processed annually, while 2307 are being done quarterly.

Go to your dashboard and look for Creditable Certificate. There are two tabs present: 

  • 2307 certificate 

  • 2306 certificate

Creating 2307

STEP 1: Click  Add Transaction icon (+) 

STEP 2: Enter Date of Transaction 

STEP 3: Search or Add a Customer 

STEP 3A: If customer not on list, Add as New Contact

STEP 3B: Enter all the needed information 

STEP 4: Enter Tax Code and Amount, then click Done

Creating 2306

STEP 1: Click  Add Transaction icon (+) 

STEP 2: Enter the information needed, click Save

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