January 8, 2018
New process of accessing eBIR filing option, branch filings for 1601-C and 1601-F, and download options for SAWTs and VAT Relief.
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Verify Organization to Access eBIR Filing

Before, there would usually be an eBIR filing through JuanTax option showing up during the filing process.

We’re changing things a bit this time -- Now, you need to verify your organization first in order for you to access the eBIR filing option in JuanTax. Once you go to the filing type section, you’ll see this message.

In this new process, you’ll need to take a picture or scan an image of your BIR form 2303 (Certificate of Registration) and upload the image within the Business Registration tab under Settings.

Learn more about this feature by checking out this article in our Help Center.

Branch Filing for 1601C and 1601-F

You can now also file per branch for both Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation (1601-C) and Final Withholding Tax (1601-F).

Once you start generating reports, you can now choose between your main organization and its branches on the dashboard. After selecting your organization, click the Generate button for you to start adding your tax report.

Downloadable SAWTs (Update)

During our release last November, we announced the ability of JuanTax to download SAWTs.

In our latest release, users can now obtain downloadable copies of SAWTs for income tax returns such as 1701Q, 1702Q, and 1702-RT.

VAT Relief Downloadable Formats (Update)

VAT Relief can now also be downloaded in PDF and Excel file formats. This feature is added for a much better experience in accessing .DAT files in JuanTax.

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