To automatically sync partial payment transactions from Xero to your JuanTax account, just follow the steps listed below:


I. Create Invoice in Xero
II. Sync Invoice to Tax Report
III. Sync Bill to Tax Report

I. Create Invoice in Xero

STEP 1:  Go to your Xero account and create an invoice. Go to Business > Invoices

STEP 2: To click the New Invoice button the choose New Invoice from the drop-down menu

STEP 3: Insert the name of the recipient, as well as the dates needed and invoice number. You also need to enter the description, quantity and price of the product/service

STEP 4: Choose the Account that you need and then for the tax rate, make sure that it falls under any rates within VAT on Sales as well as Purchases which involves Services

Note:  In this example, I used VAT on Sales (Services) (12%)

STEP 5: After creating your invoice, approve it by simply clicking the Approve button

STEP 6: Pay the transaction in order for the invoice to appear in your report.After selecting your source of payment and reference, click the Add payment button

Note:  In this example, I only paid up 15,000 PHP (as partial). I also used March as the month which we’ll be using later in our report. 

A message will show up, indicating that you had paid the invoice in Xero. Now, it’s time for you to sync this invoice in your report in JuanTax.

II. Sync Invoice to Tax Report

Once you’ve entered JuanTax, you need to create a tax report
STEP 1: Go to dashboard
STEP 1A: Click on Value Added Tax

Note: Since our invoice was dated in March, we’ll be generating a quarterly VAT report. To learn more on how to manage VAT reports in JuanTax, visit this link

STEP 2: Once you click the report, you’ll be prompted to the Sources section, where you need to go to the Partial Payments tab

STEP 3: Look for the transaction that you entered earlier in Xero then click the Edit button. It will prompt you to a modal where you could manage the pending amount that you still need to pay

In our sales transaction example earlier, we made a 15,000 PHP partial payment for the  26,000 PHP worth of services.

In JuanTax, the user has the power to decide how much from that partial payment will be reflected in the generated report. So let’s just say that I wanted 3,000 PHP from that 15,000 PHP partial payment to reflect in my March VAT report.

Note: Please remember that remaining amounts from the partial payment that you entered in JuanTax during the current month would not reflect the next month

STEP 4: Once you click the Apply Payment button, this amount will show up in the Summary of your VAT report

III. Sync Bill to Tax Report

For our purchases example, I made a bill with 3 transaction lines, each with a designated description and amount. I used VAT on Purchases (Services) (12%) as tax rate within these transactions, then I paid half the amounts for each line.

Once synced with JuanTax, all of them would appear in the Summary section of the report. You have the option to choose the amounts that you want to appear within the report.

During filing, you can still obtain and download DAT, PDF and Excel formats of your report which includes the partial payment transactions that you created in Xero.

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