Juan Tax's hosting and service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security to its customers, and is supported by a world class network, data and physical security environment.

Listed below are the considerations that we take when it comes to security precautions:


Juan Tax have SSL certificates which is signed by global leaders such as Entrust & GTE Cybertrust, so rest assured that all data transfers between parties are fully encrypted.


External access to our servers have multiple layers of firewalls that are configured, and are being monitored thoroughly. 

User Access

No one would have access to your account in Juan Tax unless you invite them. You can also remove invited users whenever you wanted. Transfer of data in Juan Tax would only occur with your consent (as the user).

Third Party Inspections

Juan Tax's secured servers are being reviewed regularly by external IT specialists, which includes testing as well as security scanning.

Data Backup

Since Juan Tax is located in the cloud, rest assured that your data isn't stored in your computer -- which means once your device crashes or get stolen, you can can still recover all your data in Juan Tax.

JuanTax User Access

Aside from SSL certificates and multiple layers of encryption, JuanTax is also setting up boundaries when it comes to accessing client data. Data is only permitted for access upon the provision of the user. Visit this article on how to Contact JuanTax Support.

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