1601-EQ or Quarterly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld is a tax form that can be used in remitting taxes withheld during the third month of the taxable year. 

To start generating your 1601-EQ, you'll just have to access your dashboard and go to Withholding Tax Return, then proceed to 1601-EQ tab.

Click the plus icon (Generate Report).

Select the Year and Month of your report then hit Generate. 

After generating the report, you need to create bills in Xero in order to associate it with your withholding tax report in JuanTax. Follow the instructions listed in this article.

Preview of the Report

You can also access a preview of the actual report by clicking on the Report tab 

Filing the Report

Simply file your report by following the guidelines mentioned in this article through our Help site.

Downloadable QAP .DAT Files

In the filing section under Options, you'll be able to download .DAT versions of QAP or Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees by clicking the DOWNLOAD QAP button.

Note: You have to click on Allow button in order you to produce three separate files for each month. 

Paying the Return

Follow the steps in this article for you be to able to pay your filed tax return in JuanTax.

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