April 23, 2018

2551Q and 1601-EQ forms are now available in JuanTax Xero integrated version.

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New Forms Available

We’re pleased to announce two new additions to our list of tax forms in JuanTax: forms 2551Q and 1601-EQ.

After the release of forms in version 7 of the eBIRForms Package, we also decided to take things up a notch by adding these ones to our roster of tax forms in JuanTax in order to provide the best tax compliance services to our customers:

  • 2551Q (Quarterly Percentage Tax Return) - this updated version of 2551Q comes with additional alphanumeric tax codes (ATCs) such as PT010, PT040, and PT041. Visit this link for you to learn more about how to generate 2551Q forms.

  • 1601-EQ (Quarterly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld) - this tax form can be used in remitting taxes withheld during the third month of the taxable year. Find out more about generating 1601-EQ forms by visiting this article from our Help Site.

0605 Reports Pushed in 1601-EQ

Please take note that once you have used 0605 forms in remitting amounts for both January and February, information for those months will also be pushed automatically within your 1601-EQ report once generated. 

Visit this article to learn how to process 0605 forms in JuanTax.

Also, we would like to announce that ATC codes in Xero have been updated based on the new ATC structure for 1601-EQ.

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