Generating 1601-EQ Reports

Learn how to generate 1601-EQ reports in JuanTax.

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BIR Form 1601-EQ, or the Quarterly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld, is a tax form that can be used to remit taxes that are withheld during the 3rd month of each taxable year.

To start generating your 1601-EQ report, you'll just have to access your dashboard and go to Withholding Tax Return, then proceed to the 1601-EQ tab.

Follow these steps in creating your 1601-EQ report:

STEP 1: Click Plus Icon (+) Generate Report, then click Accept and Continue

STEP 2: Select the Month and Year, click Generate

You can start adding transactions by either:

  • By adding them manually 

  •  By importing CSV format transactions

Adding Transaction(s) Manually

In the QAP Data section, you can start creating reports:

STEP 1: Click plus icon (Add Transaction) or the Create Transaction button

STEP 1A: Select a Vendor or Add Vendor


STEP 1B: If the vendor isn't a part of your contacts, you can easily add them by clicking the Add as New Contact 

STEP 1B: Fill out all the important information about the vendor. Click the Save button to continue

STEP 2: Add other information such as Description, Reference No., Date, Amount, and ATC, Click Save 

STEP 4: You can edit, delete, bulk edit, export, search, and navigate through your transactions list

Preview of the Report

You can also access a preview of the actual report by clicking on the Report tab next to Summary.

Over Remittance in Reports

An over-remittance will be shown in your report in the form of a negative number and is located in Section 25 as well as reflected in Section 30 of your 1601-EQ form.

You have the option to choose whether your amount should
(1) refunded
(2) issued tax credit certificate
(3) carried over the next quarter

Notes and Activity

To see the audit trail of activities made within the report, all you need to do is click the Notes & Activity tab.

Filing the Report

  • Check out this article for a step-by-step guide on filing taxes with Plus.

Paying the Return

  • Follow the instructions in this article to pay your filed tax return in JuanTax.

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