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Capital Goods in JuanTax
How to enter Capital Goods transactions in JuanTax (Transactions Module)
How to enter Capital Goods transactions in JuanTax (Transactions Module)

Learn more on how you can enter and download your Capital Goods transactions in JuanTax

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To access Capital Goods, simply click on Transactions from your side menu bar.

STEP 1: To enter a capital goods transaction in JuanTax, on the upper right part of the screen, click the + Add Transaction button, choose your preferred method of adding transactions, and select Purchases.

NOTE: If you have a large number of transactions to enter, select the Import CSV option. Download and add the details to our CSV template file then import it into your organization.

STEP 2: Fill out the form with the necessary transaction information and hit Save.

STEP 3: If you wish to view the list of your capital goods transactions, simply go to your Value Added Tax report, under SLSP Data, click on the Capital Goods tab.

You can also download a PDF or CSV copy of your capital goods list by clicking the download icon in the upper right of your list.

Helpful Links:

You can also check this blog to read more about the Updated Rule on Amortization of Input VAT on Capital Goods based on TRAIN Law (RR No. 13-2018).

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