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Capital Goods in JuanTax
How to View Amortization on Capital Goods
How to View Amortization on Capital Goods

View a list of your capital goods, and their amortizations in your JuanTax account.

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JuanTax also lets you keep track of your assets, and how will they be credited in your generated report.

You first need to create a transaction and record your assets as capital goods in Xero for them to be pushed on your reports in JuanTax.

Then you need to generate a Value Added Tax report in your organization in JuanTax. Choose estimated life in months then hit Save.

Go to the Amortization tab and you’ll see a summary and a detailed list of all your assets along with the Amount, Remaining Life, and Balance of Input Tax.

You can also check this blog to read more about the Updated Rule on Amortization of Input VAT on Capital Goods based on TRAIN Law (RR No. 13-2018).

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