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How to record tax payments made outside of JuanTax (Manual)
How to record tax payments made outside of JuanTax (Manual)

Get to know how to use Manual for recording payment of your tax dues.

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After filing your Tax Returns through JuanTax, you can now proceed to paying your tax dues of your returns in the platform. Although we offer electronic options to pay your taxes, you may have other preferred tax payment options.  This article covers recording of taxes paid outside of JuanTax, or what we refer to as Manual Payment.

Note: JuanTax provides electronic options to pay your taxes. 

Here's how it goes:

  • Manual Payment - This method is for recording purposes only. 


  1. Choose Manual Payment then click update.

  2. Input important information such as Bank, Number, and Date.

  3. Provide your particulars. Choose between Cash/Bank Debit Memo, Check, and Others.

  4. To add another payment, click +Add Payment.

  5. Once you're all set, click the UPDATE PAYMENT button.

Note: Manual Payments in JuanTax are for recording purposes only. This means that you'll have to pay your tax dues through Authorized Agent Banks (AABs)

Important Information:

  • Manual Payment is for recording purposes only. For this option, you still need to go to Authorized Agent Banks (AABs) to pay your tax dues.

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