Form 0619-F or also known as Monthly Remittance Form for Final Income Taxes Withheld is a remittance form that is used to remit final withholding taxes, as mentioned in Revenue Regulations No. 11-2018.

Follow these steps on how you could file 0619-F forms in JuanTax.

In your dashboard, go to Final Withholding Tax Return then proceed to 0619-F tab. After that, click on the plus (+) icon.

Select the Month and Year of your report then hit Generate.

In the Summary of your report, you need to choose whether the withholding agent is working under a Private or Government sector. You also need to specify your tax type code.

In the WMF10 section, you need to enter the amount of remittance for your tax report.

After entering the amount withheld, you need to click the Options button in order to file and pay your tax form in JuanTax.

In the Update Payment window, you need to make sure that you had put the amount that you included within the WMF10 section of your form. After that, click the Update Payment button.

After that, this pop-up message will appear, indicating that you had successfully paid your tax amount.

Preview of the Report

You can also access a preview of the actual report by clicking on the Report tab next to Summary.


Notes and Activity

To see the audit trail of activities made within the report, all you need to do is to click the Notes & Activity tab.

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