BIR Form 0619-E or Monthly Remittance Form for Creditable Income Taxes WIthheld (Expanded) is a remittance form that is used for remittance of expanded withholding taxes, as mentioned within the provisions of Revenue Regulations No. 11-2018.

Note: For Xero integrated versions of JuanTax, you first need to create a purchase transaction in Xero for it to sync automatically in your JuanTax account.

I. Creating a Bill in Xero

Once you're logged into your Xero account,
STEP 1: Go to the Business tab and select Bills to pay

STEP 2: Click the New Bill button and select New Bill in the pull-down menu

STEP 3: Enter all the appropriate information for each field and then click the Approve button

Note: The amount entered in the Qty column of the withholding tax line item should be copied from the taxable amount in the Amount PHP column. Always remember to use the proper code in the Item column

STEP 4: Next up is to pay the amount by entering the payment details and clicking the Add Payment button

II. Back in JuanTax

Create your 0619-E report in JuanTax by doing these steps:

STEP 1: Go to your dashboard and proceed to Withholding Tax Return, and click the plus (+) icon or hit the Create Report button

STEP 2: Select the Month and Year of your report, then hit Generate

After generating the report it will automatically reflect in the Sources tab

Preview of the Report

You can also access a preview of the actual report by clicking on the Report tab next to Summary.

Notes and Activity

To see the audit trail of activities made within the report, all you need to do is to click the Notes & Activity tab

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