QAP files, or also known as Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees is a file which contains all the names of payees included both in your 1601-EQ/1601-FQ report.

To obtain this report, you first need to have a generated 1601-EQ or 1601-FQ within JuanTax, then enter its filing section to access the QAP menus.

1.Click Options button.

2. In the Filing Type section, you would see some options on how you could manage your QAP file. You can either send the DAT file, or just simply download the file. To download the QAP, just click the Download QAP button.

Sending QAP Files

Once you've marked the return as "Filed", you'll also have the ability to send the QAP file to the BIR, and be able to send this to another user.

Enter the email address of your recipient before clicking Send. Hitting the button would also allow you to directly send the DAT file to the BIR.

You can also send out your DAT file along with the return once you've chosen the eBIR filing option. Clicking the Send button would prompt you to a window where you need to enter a recipient email. After that, hit Send.

Downloadable QAP .DAT Files

In the filing section under Options, you'll be able to download .DAT versions of QAP or Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees by clicking the DOWNLOAD QAP button.

Note: You have to click on Allow button in order you to produce three separate files for each month

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