SLSP Files in JuanTax

How to manage SLSP files in JuanTax?

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Also known as Summary Lists of Sales and Purchases, SLSP files supports the third party information program of the BIR via cross referencing with the information presented in the taxpayer’s list of sales/purchases.

You need to run a Quarterly Value Added Tax (VAT) return in order to obtain this file.

Obtaining the File

Much like other forms of .DAT files, SLSP files can be obtained once you go to the Filing Type section of your return after you had successfully generated a report and chose Manual FIling.

You have the option of downloading the file in either .DAT, PDF and Excel formats.

Sending DAT Files

You can also send out your DAT file along with the return once you've chosen the eBIR filing option. Clicking the Send button would prompt you to a window where you need to enter a recipient email. After that, hit Send.

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