In order for your amounts in remittance forms (such as 0619-F and 0619-E) to show up in your withholding tax reports (1601-FQ and 1601-EQ). The first thing that you need to do is pay for those amounts.

In this example, I entered this amount in the 0619-F form that I generated in JuanTax.

Now, the next step is to pay for those amounts by clicking the Options button in order to file and pay the tax form.

Once you’re in the Update Payment window, include the amount that you entered in the WMF10 section of your form. After that, click the Update Payment button.

Once you have paid your remittance and generated a withholding tax report (such as 1601-FQ), the amounts would automatically appear in the summary of your report. This functionality is also available for 1601-EQ reports and 0619-E remittance forms in JuanTax.

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