June 29, 2018

Login UX improved, Enhancements to Withholding Reports, Notifications and More!

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JuanTax Login UX Redesigned

Here at JuanTax, we believe that an efficient tax software can’t be measured by just "being efficient". 

We believe that it’s not enough for a user to just simply login to their account -- we wanted to bring the best user experience to our customers, which is why we are so pleased to announce the improvements to our JuanTax login interface!

We’ve changed the login UX design of JuanTax in order to bring a much better experience to our users. With this new interface, users would not only be able to login to our tax software using their email credentials, but they would also be able to access JuanTax using their Facebook login.

Check out this article to learn more about logging into JuanTax using Facebook!

Withholding Report Updates

We would also like to announce that aside from the new withholding tax forms such as 1601-FQ  and 1601-EQ, as well as remittance forms 0619-E and 0619-F that are now available in JuanTax, we’ve also added the ability for the forms to sync with each other after payment.

Now, once you have marked the remittance forms as paid, you will be able to pull its data into the withholding tax forms automatically after its been generated. This feature is now available within 1601-EQ and 1601-FQ reports in JuanTax. Visit this article to learn more about this new feature.

Incorporating Branch Codes for 1601-FQ

You can now also incorporate branch codes to your 1601-FQ reports in JuanTax. 

After you have finished creating your list of branches within the system, those branches will now automatically show up once you try to generate 1601-FQ reports.

Once the Generate Report (plus icon) is clicked, you’ll be able to choose on what branch do you want to incorporate with your withholding tax report.

Check out our Help Center for you to learn more on how to create your 1601-FQ report in JuanTax!

Email Notification During Submission 

Once you’ve generated a report in JuanTax, and submitted it via eBIR filing option, you will receive this notification in your email’s inbox, which confirms that JuanTax has received your report, and that it’s currently in process.

The Help Icon

But wait, there’s more! -- we would also like to announce that we’ve also added a Help icon which lets you easily access our Help Center.

We believe that whenever you have questions in using JuanTax, the first thing that you should do, aside from contacting our support team, is to go to our Help Center.

But most of the time, in order to access the help site, you needed to open another browser and enter this link (https://help.juan.tax/), which might be tedious for some.

Which is why we’re also adding a help icon which lets you directly access our Help Center. Clicking the question mark icon will automatically open a new tab with the Help Center. Visit this article in our Help Center to learn more about this new functionality in JuanTax.

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