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Here's a quick view of the Plus Portal to help you understand more about it.

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Your portal shows all the organization(s) that you've created in Plus.

The organizations that you created will be shown in a table form for easy identification and management.

Categories for Easier Organization Management

The Plus portal has categories that refine the search of organizations within your account, and aside from the default categories, you can also customize your categories inside Plus -- making it easier to look for the organization that you want to manage.

Default Organization Categories

In the side menu of the page, you would see some default categories that would easily help you identify the organization that you are working on based on Contact Type (Individual, Non-Individual) and Tax Type (Percentage tax, VAT, Tax-exempt).

Customize Organization Categories

Plus lets you customize the categories in your account to better sort your organization search.

STEP 1: To create a new category, click the (+) icon next to My Categories.

STEP 2: Enter the name of your category and click the Save button to finish.

Link your Organization to a Category

To link the organization to your custom category follow these steps:

STEP 1: Select the organization/s that you wish to categorize then click the Category button. Finally, select Add to Category.

STEP 2: Choose your custom category.

STEP 3: Click the Save button to finish.

Setting Up Your First Organization

After creating an account, it's now time for you to add your business within your Plus account. Follow these steps in order for you to successfully set up your first organization:

STEP 1: Click the Create Organization button 

STEP 2:  Under Classification, indicate whether your organization is Individual or Non-Individual

NOTE: Choosing an organization type is important since this could serve as your basis when it comes to filing Income Tax Returns. Remember to click the Next button to proceed with the next part of the setup.

STEP 3: Under Background, fill out required fields with the appropriate business information based on your Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303)

STEP 4: Under Address, fill out the address that is indicated on your Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2302)

STEP 5: Under Contact,  fill out the appropriate contact number and email address

STEP 6: Tax Information, indicate the TIN and RDO based on your Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2302)

STEP 7: Tax Type, select between three (3) tax types: 

  • Percentage Tax

  • Value-Added Tax 

  •  Tax-Exempt

You’re almost done!

STEP 8: Enter your Start Date and Financial Year End

In this section, you need to enter which month and year you would like to create or recreate reports in Plus. You may also enter the Registration Date of your organization

Example: If the current date is October 2019 already and you wish to recreate your reports from January 2019, then you need to select January 2019

Important Information:

Last but not the least, to enable filing to the eBIR you need to upload a copy of your BIR CERTIFICATION REGISTRATION FORM (2303) in the settings and you’re all set!

Remember: There are NO LIMITS when it comes to the number of organizations that you can create in your Plus account, so start adding as many as you can!

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