September 17, 2018

Improved JuanTax Dashboard, Transaction Module and Mobile App Launch

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The All-New JuanTax Dashboard

Here at JuanTax, we believe that in order for us to provide our customers with the best tax filing experience, we must give a much more intuitive approach to our entire interface. 

Which is why after making some changes to the UX design of our portal back in July, we decided to take things to a whole new level, and announce the launch of our newly improved JuanTax dashboard!

What’s in the New Dashboard?

Our improved JuanTax dashboard is packed with new and exciting menus that lets you navigate the tax software with ease:

  • Menu sidebar -- All the tax reports that you know and loved in JuanTax are still here --  along with a new module for creating transactions!

  • Search organization -- Transfer from one organization to another just by typing the organization name in the text field.

  • Filing tabs -- With this new dashboard, users can now identify the returns to be processed, as well as those that were filed within the period, along with a complete tax history which helps you easily track the returns that you’re working on.

  • Notification (bell)  -- All emails that you received from the BIR after sending reports are here!

  • Help (Question Mark) -- clicking this icon will prompt you to our Help Center, where you can learn everything that you need in filing returns using JuanTax.

Transaction Module (New)

The Transactions module is one of the newest menus that is now available within the new JuanTax dashboard, which lets you create transactions such as bills and invoices directly within the tax software.

Visit this article for you to learn more about our new JuanTax dashboard. You can also visit our Help Center to get an in-depth scoop about these new features that will surely help you on doing taxes right!

Introducing JuanTax Mobile App

The Philippine’s beloved cloud-based tax software is now making its way through the shores of your mobile device!

You heard it right! JuanTax now has a mobile app which lets record transactions straight from your phone -- All you have to do is take pictures of your receipt and it will automatically be transformed into digitized data that will be reflected within the transactions module of both web and mobile versions of your JuanTax account.

Check out this blog to learn more about this exciting announcement.

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