Once you click the Subscriptions tab, you will encounter this page wherein you’ll need to setup details of the credit card that you’ll use on paying your firm’s JuanTax subscription. Start off by clicking the Add Billing Details button.

Mark the checkbox in the Billing Disclosure page. Clicking the checkbox means that you’re confirming that you agree with the terms entitled with your payment of the JuanTax subscription. After that click Next.

Populate fields such as Billing Address, Billing City, Billing Postal and Phone. Click Next button to continue.

Enter credit card details such as Credit Card Number, Name on Card, Expiry Date and CVC. After that, click Save button to proceed.

Note: Remember that JuanTax only accepts MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards.

After saving, you would see this window, which lets you get a quick view of tabs such as (1) Billing Contact that you’ve setup earlier, along with other tabs such as (2) History and (3) Payment Methods.

Billing Contact Tab

Aside from viewing your Billing Contact information, you’ll also have the option of (1) Changing Billing Contact and even (2) Add Billing Contact.

1. Change Billing Contact - Simply change any of your listed details and click Save to continue.

2. Add Billing Contact

Once you’ve decided to add another billing address, all you need to do is click the Add Billing Contact button, and enter information such as Contact Name, Contact Email and Phone. After that, hit the Add button.

Note: Remember that you can add up to 4 billing contacts.

Remove your created billing contact just by clicking the x button located in your additional info on Billing Contact tab.

Confirm the removal of billing contact by clicking the Remove button.

Billing History Tab

Serving as your account’s audit trail page, this tab lets you get a clear view of all your subscription’s billing history.

Payment Methods Tab

In this section, you’ll have the option of adding a new card by entering your Credit Card Number and Card Name as well as Expiry Date and CVC. Click the Add button to continue.

Note: JuanTax charges fees per organization on a monthly subscription basis that would auto-renew until the organization is removed from the portal or once the subscription was terminated. JuanTax offers a 14-day free trial period for organizations. Remember that cut-off on JuanTax billings happen at each end of the month, and your credit card will be charged on the 5th, following the month of the cut-off period. There is a one-month period allotted when it comes to the removal of organization as well as termination of subscription.  If you have any inquiries, please feel free to chat with us, or email us at help@juan.tax.

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