Improved User Roles

Since JuanTax has the capability of allowing unlimited users, you and your team can easily collaborate with each other once you file those taxes using our tax software -- but still, with that so many number of users comes the risks when it comes to security.

We always wanted to ensure that security would always be our top priority whenever you use our tax software and we wanted to keep that protection even while you’re collaborating with your colleagues in the process, which is why we added 5 user roles that would further enhance your account’s security:

  • Admin

  • Approver (Internal)

  • Client Approver

  • Preparer

  • Read-Only

Below is an infographic that will further explain the privileges that each user role has once they start collaborating in JuanTax:

Check out this article for you to learn more about these user role privileges in JuanTax.

Firm Selection and Firm Settings

We would also like to announce the launch of functionalities such as  Firm Selection and Firm Settings, which lets you manage created accounts as well as firms and organizations inside JuanTax.

Note: For accounting/bookkeeping firms, as well as outsourcing companies, you’ll need to get in touch with our Partner Success Manager if you want to have these features added to your JuanTax account. Once set, your assigned account manager will be the one responsible  for inviting you as a member in features such as Firm Settings.

Firm Selection 

Once you login to JuanTax, instead of the Organization Portal, you will be prompted to this page, which lets you quickly identify the number of organizations that you have, as well as the type of account, whether for Personal or Firm purposes.

Check out this article for you to learn more about Firm Selections in JuanTax.

Firm Settings

Last but not the least in our new set of release updates is the launch of our Firm Settings feature, which lets you manage your firm’s basic information such as name, address and phone, as well as things like subscription details and staff inside the platform.

Visit this article to learn more about this new feature in JuanTax.

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