The all-new JuanTax dashboard is packed with exciting menus that would help you on easily navigating the tax software, such as the following:

  • Menu sidebar -- All the tax reports that you know and loved in JuanTax are still here --  along with a new module for creating transactions!
  • Search organization -- Transfer from one organization to another just by typing the organization name in the text field.
  • Filing tabs -- With this new dashboard, users can now identify the returns to be processed, as well as those that were filed within the period, along with a complete tax history which helps you easily track the returns that you’re working on.
  • Notification (bell)  -- All emails that you received from the BIR after sending reports are here!
  • Help (Question Mark) -- clicking this icon will prompt you to our Help Center, where you can learn everything that you need in filing returns using JuanTax.
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