A Guide to the Plus Dashboard

Explore your account and check important information in one, easy-to-access place.

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The Plus dashboard is packed with exciting menus that will help you easily navigate the tax software!

Check out the list and descriptions below:

A. Portal - Your portal shows all the organizations you've created in your Plus account in table form. This allows you to easily identify the organization you need to manage.

B. Discover - A selection of self-learning video tutorials that you can access anytime, anywhere to help you get the most out of your tax filing compliance with us.

C. Dashboard - In here, you'll see all your organization's filed and unfiled forms, as well as your tax history. You can use the filter option to view your forms by type and by date. You can also start a return on this page.

D. Confirmations - Here you can view whether your tax return has been generated. You will get two different kinds of emails here: tax receipt confirmation emails and e-submission emails.

E. Contacts - Here you can view a list of your general contacts (organizations) that you have already added through your transactions and employee contacts.

F. Transaction - Here you can view a list of all transactions (sales, purchases, and manual journals) that you've created.

G. Tax Forms - Here you can view a list of all the tax returns you've generated. It may be viewed by category: Value Added Tax Return, Withholding Tax Return, Final Withholding Tax Return, Income Tax Return, Credible Certificate, and General Forms.

H. Partners Services - JuanTax Partner Services is an initiative we released to open up our platform to a third-party legal service to give more value to our users.

I. Plus Plan - Plus is a JuanTax product dedicated to firms that offer accounting or bookkeeping services to clients.

J. Settings - This is where you can edit the settings for the following: 

  1. Organization Settings - Update your basic information, address, and contact details.

  2. General Settings - Update your RDO, Financial Year-End, and Profile image of your organization

  3. PDF Report Settings -  Report PDF Additional information. Update the information in fields such as Name, Title/Position, and TIN

  4. Branch Settings - lets you add and manage multiple branches from your organization

  5. Business Registration (Form 2303) - Upload a scanned copy or picture of your BIR Certificate of Registration (Form 2303) to enable filing using eBIR. (Only PDF, PNG, and JPG are allowed files. Maximum of 1MB file only) BIR Certificate of Registration (COR) or BIR Form 2303 is a basic requirement to conduct business in the Philippines

  6. Chart of Accounts - Add, edit, and delete the Chart of Accounts you want to use

  7. Email Settings - Control the reply to the email you send from this organization. By adding and verifying new email addresses, you can control and change the reply to the email you are using

  8. Signature Settings - Manage your signatures that you can use on all your forms. You can draw your signature within your Plus account or upload an image

  9. Users - Manage who access and permission to your Plus organization

  10. Integrations -  Integrate a third-party application on your Plus Organization

  11. Activity -  View a summary of all the actions performed by users in your organization

  • Search organization - Transfer from one organization to another just by typing the organization name in the text field

  • Filing tabs - With this new dashboard, users can now identify the returns to be processed, as well as those that were filed within the period, along with a complete tax history that helps you easily track the returns that you’re working on

  • Notification 🔔 - All emails that you received from the BIR after sending reports are here!

  • Help❓- clicking this icon will prompt you to our Help Center, where you can learn everything that you need in filing returns using Plus

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