The Transactions Module serves as the point of entry to all your created transactions, that will also be pushed into the reports that you'll generate in JuanTax such as VAT, Percentage, EWT and FWT.

To access this section, all you have to do is go to the Menu sidebar and proceed to Transactions.

ALL - this tab houses all the transactions manually entered in JuanTax and the ones synced from Xero with no errors and the ones corrected.

INVOICES - manually entered Sales Invoices in JuanTax and and the ones synced from Xero that needs no correction. 

BILLS - manually entered Purchases or Bills in JuanTax and and the ones synced from Xero that needs no correction. 

INCOMPLETE - transactions synced from Xero that needs to be corrected or edited are routed to this tab.

How to Enter Transactions?

There are many ways on how you could start adding up transactions in this section of JuanTax. It's either via:

a. Adding Transactions Directly in JuanTax
b. Importing CSV Transactions
c. Capturing Transactions thru Phone

Sort Out Transactions

Aside from creating transactions, you can also filter your transactions by Dates, Category, Status and Report.

Additional filters are also available which allows you to choose what details you would like to see on your transactions table. 

How to correct Transaction(s)

To correct the transaction(s) in the incomplete tab, click on the transaction to show its full details.

After clicking the transaction you wish to correct, you will then see the details from the banner at the two of the page.

Note: With the update on the integrations feature, JuanTax has set additional requirements in his the transactions should be entered in Xero for proper pulling

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