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Step-by-Step of Generating a Tax Return
Step-by-Step of Generating a Tax Return

What comes next after adding transaction(s) in Plus.

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After adding those transactions, it's now time for you to start processing those taxes!

Here's a list of procedures that you need to undergo in order to successfully file your tax returns using Plus.

  1. Generating the Report - After entering your sales or purchases in the Transaction Module, you may now proceed with generating the return.

  2. Review Summary - Make sure to always check your data before you file your tax return.

  3. Preview of the Report - Now that you've generated your tax report, you may now see a preview of the actual return.

  4. Filing the Return - Start filing your tax returns in a breeze!

  5. Payment - Next to filing comes the settlement of payments for those tax returns.

After entering your sales or purchases in the Transaction Module, you may now start generating your return.

STEP 1: To generate a tax report, go to the sidebar menu and choose the report you are generating.

STEP 2: To start adding the report, click the (+) icon on the upper right part of the screen.

In this example, we will be generating a monthly VAT report or 2550M.

STEP 3: Choose the month and year of your desired tax report, then click the Generate button to add it to your list of reports.

STEP 4: Review the summary of the report by going to the Summary tab. Scroll down to make sure you have reviewed the report.

STEP 5: The summary of your report contains all the information that you need to review, such as the Tax Type, Transaction Amount, Tax Amount, and Tax Rate.

STEP 6: After generating your tax report, you may now see a preview of the actual return by clicking the Report tab.

STEP 7: Start filing your tax return by clicking the File Now button on the top right of your report.

STEP 8: You have two options for how you would file your return, (A) Manual Filing or (B) eBIR Filing through Plus.

NOTE: In order for you to enable eBIR filing in Plus, you'll need to upload a scanned copy, or image of your BIR Certificate of Registration (Form 2303).

A. Manual Filing

In this process, you can view and print a copy of your tax form, and be able to submit it to your designated Revenue District Office.

Click the Mark as Filed button to acknowledge that you chose Manual Filing as the method of filing this report. After that, click Ok, file this report to continue.

A notification will appear, stating that you had successfully filed your report in Plus.

B. eBIR Filing Through Plus

Opting for the eBIR Filing option would enable you to electronically send returns to the BIR along with your SAWT files. The SAWT button lets you download an Excel file format of your SAWT. For a DAT format of your SAWT, please reach out to the JuanTax Support Team.

Please be reminded that tax returns that were filed after 9 PM will be processed the following day to provide ample time for validation and acknowledgment from the BIR.

A notification will appear, stating that you have successfully filed your report in Plus.

STEP 9: You may now proceed to the payment stage. You have two options, (A) ePayment or (B) Manual Payment.

A. ePayment

Choose your preferred payment option from our list of partners:

Make sure to read the terms and conditions. Check the tick boxes if you agree, and click the pink button to continue to the next step.

B. Manual Payment

Click the Update button to enter and record your payment information.

Fill out the relevant fields such as Bank, Number, and Date.

You also need to select your particulars, if it's through (1) Cash/Bank Debit Memo, (2) Check, or (3) Others. You can also add another payment line by clicking the +Add Payment button.

Click the Update Payment button to finish the process. That's it! You are all set.

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