Once you're finished setting up your firm's basic information, it's now time for you to bring your team into the game! This article will tackle the following topics:

  • Available user roles
  • Assigning user roles
  • Edit user privileges 
  • Removing Staff

The Firm Settings feature also enables you to provide user role privileges to your staff, allowing you to collaborate with them at ease.

What User Roles are Available?

As the principal owner of the JuanTax account, you have the option to choose between two (2) user role privileges: (1) Owner (Subscriber) and (2) Staff.

Owner (Subscriber)

Much like the job descriptions of an "official" administrator,  this user role has the power to create an organization inside JuanTax, and manage staff inside the platform. 

The only thing that this user role can't do is to access billing, which serves as the prime responsibility of the firm's owner.


Unlike Owner (Subscriber),  team members with Staff user role won't be able to add and delete organizations. They should wait for the Owner (Subscriber) to give them access on an organization before they could work on it.

Managing User Roles

Start managing user roles for your team by clicking the Staff menu, then proceed by doing the following operations:

  • Add User Role to Staff
  • Edit and Remove User Privileges

Providing User Role Privileges to Members 

Assigning User Roles

Be able to assign user roles to your team members by doing the following steps:

STEP 1: In the Firm Settings page, go to Staff

STEP 2:  Start adding people by clicking the Add Staff button

STEP 3:  In the Add Staff window, enter your staff's basic information such as First Name, Last Name and Contact email

STEP 4: You also need to specify which user role you're giving your personnel, whether it's for Owner (Subscriber) or Staff purposes

STEP 5: Click the Invite button to send an invitation to your staff via email

STEP 6: Once your staff received the email, all he/she needs to do is to click the Get Started button to continue

STEP 7: After clicking the button, the staff needs to click Accept Invitation in order to start the collaboration

Edit User Privileges

Change your assigned user privilege by following these steps:

STEP 1: Click on the name of your team member

Note: In this example the user that we chose to use is Chris Bernando

STEP 2: Click the Edit

STEP 3: Change the details that you need and once you're all good, click the Update button

Removing Staff

STEP 1: Simply click on the Remove Staff Link

STEP 2: Confirm deletion by clicking the Remove button

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