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Update RDO, Start Date, Financial Year-End and Profile Image of your Organization

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Use the General Settings to update your other organization's information, like:

Go to your Dashboard menu bar, click the Settings tab, and choose General Settings.

Update Your Organization's Revenue District Office

Revenue District Offices, or RDOs, are assigned by the Bureau of Internal Revenue within a specific region.

Select your location in the Revenue District Office section, and that’s it! Your RDO code will be set in no time.

Note: Please be aware that the RDO and start date options are disabled if you have already generated a return or uploaded a COR for your organization. If you need to change your start date or have uploaded the incorrect COR, please contact our support team to have this corrected.

Edit your Organization’s Registration Date

If you entered the incorrect organization registration date, simply select the date from the picker and you're done.

Adding A Logo to Your Organization

In the Primary Image section, click the Change Image button, then proceed with uploading your desired image, and that’s it!

Note: For best results, use an image with a 150 px by 150 px size.

Once you’re done selecting your organization's profile image, click the Save button, and a “Successfully updated profile picture” notification will appear on your screen.

Change your Organizations Start Date

In the Start Date section, just select the date on the picker, and you’re good to go!

Business Tax Additional Option

This Business Tax Additional Option can be enabled or disabled by moving the toggle to the right or left.

An approval notification will appear, just click "Yes" to continue, and a notification will appear on your screen.

Lock Date Period

Setting a lock date prevents changes from being made to transactions prior to and inclusive of the set date.

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