Generating 0605 Forms in JuanTax

A tutorial on adding 0605 reports in JuanTax.

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BIR 0605 forms need to be accomplished once the taxpayer settles his/her payments for taxes and fees which does not require the use of a tax return as a second installment payment for things such as deficiency tax, income tax, delinquency tax, penalties, advance payments, other forms of installment payments, etc.

Processing this kind of payment form in JuanTax is easy! Just follow these steps in generating your 0605 form:

STEP 1: In the menu sidebar of your dashboard, go to Tax Forms, proceed to General Forms then click Others.

STEP 2: Go to the 0605 tab, then create a report by clicking either the Add (+) icon or the Create Report button in the middle of the page

STEP 3: Select the month and year of the report, then click Generate button


STEP 4: In the Summary tab, you need to fill out both 

  • PDF Report Information 

  •  Computation of Tax

PDF Report Information 

STEP 5: Populate sections such as Due Date, ATC, and Tax Type Code with the appropriate information 

STEP 6: For portions such as Manner of Payment, you need to choose among the radio buttons for options such as Voluntary Payment and Per Audit/Delinquent Account 

Computation Tax

STEP 7: As per Computation of Tax, you’ll need to populate payment details for fields such as Basic/Advance payment, Penalties, and Voluntary Payments

STEP 8: After that, hit the Update Information button and that’s it!

NOTE: The next part is only applicable to PLUS organizations.

After filing your Form 0605, an entry will be automatically available in the Filing Transaction tab.

The same entry can be found under the Incomplete tab inside the Transactions Module.

Under the Incomplete tab, the user needs to edit and choose the appropriate COA to complete the entry. Hit the Save Changes button once done.

After saving, the entry will get transferred to the Purchase tab and the rest of the entries in your Books Of Accounts, Financial Statements, as well as the other Reports, will automatically flow.

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