This article will discuss the following:

  • Simple Invoice / Bill

  • Single Line Transaction

  • Multiple Line Transaction

  • Syncing your Xero Transactions

Simple Invoice / Bill

When creating an Invoice or Bill in Xero, use the correct Tax Rates for proper pulling of transactions to JuanTax. 

Note: Tax Rates for Services must be Paid in Xero to reflect in your JuanTax account and VAT report. With the latest update, Invoice Number / Reference Number are now required, otherwise it will be tagged as Incomplete. 

How you will see this transaction in JuanTax:

Bill with one withholding code (Single Line Transaction)

When creating a bill with withholding amount in Xero, (1) Enter the transaction on the first line. It is best that the Amount is set to VAT Inclusive since JuanTax’s computation is inclusive of VAT. (2) On the second line, choose the Withholding ATC from the drop down menu in the Item Column. In the QTY column in line with the withholding transaction, enter the Tax Base (VATable Amount) to automatically compute for the withholding amount. 

How you will see this transaction in JuanTax:

Bill with more than one withholding code (Multiple Line Transaction)

We understand that there are certain bills that would require multiple line transactions that are subject to one or more withholding code. Here are sample formats of how you can enter it in Xero to reflect in JuanTax.

Sample 1 - Correct way of entering in Xero

Your company rented Work & Chill for a company event. Work & Chill is listed as a Top Corporation or TAMP so it is subject to 2% Income Payment for services rendered. 

How you will see this transaction in JuanTax: 

Sample 2 - Items not in JuanTax format

These transactions will be pushed to JuanTax as incomplete.

Vendor Data Blitz provided both Repair and Consultation Service to your company and is subject to 10% Professional fee withholding amount.  

 How you will see this transaction in JuanTax:

Syncing your Xero transactions manually

For existing JuanTax users, reports used to sync automatically with Xero by simply opening it but with the latest update, users need to Manually re-sync their JuanTax accounts to gather new or updated data from Xero. This new process gives the users the flexibility to perform an update and work with reports more efficiently. 

Follow these steps to resync your JuanTax account:

STEP 1: Go to transactions module

STEP 2: Click the Integrations Icon

STEP 3: Resync

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