This article will discuss the possible reasons why your transaction will be tagged incomplete.

You think you've entered it properly in Xero but when the transaction was posted in JuanTax, it went to the incomplete section. Here are the possible reasons why such thing happened.

Example A
Vendor Data Blitz provided both Repair and Consultation Service to your company and is subject to 10% Professional fee withholding amount.  This is how it was entered in Xero.

As captured from the sample above, there are multiple line transactions and only one withholding code on the bill. JuanTax is unable to identify which transaction should the withholding code be applied to. 

Once you go to JuanTax transactions module, go to the incomplete section and click on the transaction.  The transaction should look like this:

In order to properly book this transaction
STEP 1: Just click the Edit button and choose the correct code
STEP 2: In the Tax Code column, hit Save

Example B
Another reason for a bill to be tagged as Incomplete is when a transaction is recorded with Tax Rates Services or Goods Not Qual for Input Tax and its total amount doesn’t match the withholding line under QTY column. This happens when a VAT company is recording an expense for a Non-VAT vendor, and since you’re only allowed to withhold from the Tax Base, JuanTax will auto-detect that the total does not match.

See sample Xero entry:

For this sample, you are recording an expense for a Freelance Singer for P15,000 that is subject to 5% withholding for Professional Fee. 

 Here’s a better way to do it:

Recording the transaction this way will not cause the bill to be tagged as Incomplete in the Transactions Module.
Enter your transaction line with Tax Base amount
Choose the appropriate withholding code and enter the same Tax Base amount on the QTY column
STEP 3:  Enter another line item for the remaining amount of the total bill

On the other hand, if you are a Non-VAT tax filer and is recording an expense for a VAT vendor, you may use the Non-Tax tax rate in Xero for proper pulling and without being tagged as Incomplete in JuanTax. 

Example 3
We understand that there are certain bills that would require multiple line transactions that are subject to one or more withholding code. Proper Xero entry in line with JuanTax formats would mean seamless pulling of transactions. 

See sample Xero entry:

Your company rented Work & Chill for a company event. Work & Chill is listed as a Top Corporation or TAMP so it is subject to 2% Income Payment for services rendered. 

Here’s a better way to do it:   

A certain format must be followed when recording multiple line items with different withholding codes in Xero for proper pulling of transactions without being tagged as Incomplete in JuanTax. 

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