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Agilis Enterprise Solutions Inc., a JuanTax partner, made it easy for you to export transactions out of Oodo. The file itself was customized for easy migration.  This customization is only available to all Agilis customers. 

Below are the steps you can follow when exporting data out of Oodo:

STEP 1:  From your Oodo Dashboard page navigate to the “Accounting” module and click “Reporting” to choose what type of transactions (Sales or Purchases) you want to export

STEP 2: Next, click the "Create" button, then type the Company Name and Date Range you want to include in the report

STEP 3:  Once done, click the "Generate Transaction" button at the top to download the file

STEP 4: The "Export Excel" field above will be visible. Click the link and save the file to your computer

STEP 5: This report would be saved as a CSV file format that you can easily import to your Juantax account

When you open the CSV file, all important data such as customer information, amount, date, and transaction information, as well as vital tax information such as ATC and COA codes, will be displayed.

Now you are ready to migrate this report to your JuanTax account and start filing.

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