How will I incur charges when using JuanTax?

JuanTax charges a fee per generation for forms, attachments, certificates, and uploading of receipt images using the mobile app. For example, if you generate a 2550-M VAT report but decide not to file it, you will still be charged a fee for it. Please make sure that you will be needing the form before generating it.

View JuanTax's pricing page here.

When will my billing period start?

The billing period starts from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. JuanTax will then calculate all generated forms, attachments, and certificates.

What payment methods do you support?

JuanTax accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and JCB. Another payment method is loading credits or top-up via Coins.PH.

Do you save my credit card information?

JuanTax does not store your debit or credit card details. They are stored with our secure payment provider.

Will there be another charge for Amending a form?

Yes and another charge for attachments if any.

When will I receive my Billing Statement?

An electronic copy of the detailed Billing Statement will be issued to the Owner's (Subscriber) authenticated email address every first of the month after the billing cycle ends in accordance with the number of billable forms, certificates, and/or documents processed for the whole duration of the month.

When will you charge my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged on the 5th, following the month of the cut-off period.

What happens if my credit card gets declined?

JuanTax will make another attempt to charge your card 3 days later. To prevent the second attempt from failing, please make sure your card is active and/or has enough balance. If the payment fails on the second attempt, you will be restricted from generating any forms in JuanTax until your overdue balance has been settled.

I am filing a zero or blank return, will I still be charged?

A zero or blank return will be free of charge only if generated and filed ELECTRONICALLY in the same month.

I did not receive any confirmation that my card has been charged, how will I know if my payment went through?

On the 5th of the month, you may go back to the Billing Statement from JuanTax. You should see that the invoice will be updated to “PAID” status, this means your credit card payment was successful.

Do you provide Official Receipts?

Yes. If the card payment is successful when charged on the 5th of the month, ORs will be automatically attached to the same Billing Statement you received at the beginning of the month.

Will my credits (top-up) in the account expire?

No, there is no expiration for the credits you may have in your JuanTax account. It will remain in the account for future use.

I already have a credit card on file, will the system also allow me to do the top-up method?

Yes, you can still load your account with credits (top-up) even if there’s already a credit card added on file. JuanTax will apply your credits (top-up) first to your outstanding balance before charging the credit card.

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