Delayed Return Confirmation

We understand that AABs require the tax receipt confirmation from the BIR when paying tax dues. However, there are some instances wherein these confirmations are 1-2 days delayed or sometimes received past the deadline. Here’s how it’s done in JuanTax. 

  • When you electronically file a return in JuanTax, the system performs a quick validation and then sends it to the eBIR system. Once submitted, it will automatically attach a printable copy of the form into your JuanTax inbox which you can download and print for payment.

  •  For DAT file attachments (SLSP, QAP & SAWT) submitted through JuanTax, you will also receive an auto-generated reply from BIR in your inbox as proof that the attachments were submitted to

JuanTax also sends out email follow up to the BIR every 12 midnight for all returns filed per day with awaiting receipt confirmation. This is to assure that BIR received all submissions and to make them aware of the pending confirmations due to the BIR’s possible technical issues. 

Note: JuanTax doesn’t have any control over how fast BIR would send out tax receipt confirmations. Rest assured that once it’s received, you will be notified and will be attached to your inbox. 

Deleting Tax Reports

Deleting reports would lead to permanent removal of your report from the list.

STEP 1: Go through the list of reports and mark the checkbox(es) of the report(s) you wanted to delete
STEP 2:  After selecting, click the Trash icon
STEP 3: A modal will appear confirming deletion of the report. To proceed, click the "Yes, Remove this Please!" button

Note:  "Filed” tax reports cannot be deleted unless you amend your report. 

Downloading PDF's of Tax Return

The Reports section of your tax return shows a preview of your generated report in an actual BIR tax form. 

To download or print a copy of the form, hover and click on download or print icon found in the top-right of the preview window.

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