Upgrading from Standard to Plus

Save more time and cost by upgrading your Standard organization to the Plus plan.

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Plus gives you access to an unlimited generation of tax forms, automated Books of Accounts, Vouchers, and Financial Reports. This complete automated package is a must to save more time and cost on tax compliance.

Note: Make sure you have completed setting up your Billing Information before upgrading to Plus. 

Follow this step-by-step procedure to upgrade your organization from STANDARD to Plus.

STEP 1: Choose an organization you want to upgrade from your portal 

STEP 2: Open the Menu Bar and click Plus

STEP 3: Click the Get JuanTax Plus button and follow the Upgrade Wizard

STEP 4: Choose your billing plan. Tick the checkbox to confirm that you've reviewed and understood that your organization's Start Date and Billing Plan and you will be charged upon subscribing. Click the Subscribe button to proceed to the payment stage.

  • For Monthly Plans, your Billing Statement will be available EVERY end of the Month and your card will be charged after 5 days

  • For Annual Plans, your Billing Statement will be available AT the end of the month and your card will be charged after 5 days

For Payments via Credit/Debit Card, your Billing Statement will be available by the end of the Month and your card will be charged after 5 days
For Payments via Top Up Credits, you will be charged immediately upon subscribing

Important Information:

  • When you're using Top Up credits for payment in JuanTax, make sure that you have enough credits in order to upgrade an organization

What's Next?

  • Now that you have subscribed your organization to Plus, you will be prompted to set up your Voucher Sequence in order to record tax data from your transactions all the way to your Books of Accounts and Financial Reports. View the process here.

  • Your organization's transactions tab will have additional functions such as the ability to categorize payments as "Partial" or "Full" transactions. Get to know the process of adding transactions for a Plus Organization here.

  • The "Plus" tab will now be accessible and you will be prompted to enter your Voucher Sequences. Get to know the different features and how to use them here.

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