In JuanTax your business and clients are called Organizations. Learn how to add organizations.

In your JuanTax Portal follow these 9 easy steps.


STEP 2:  Under Classification, you need to indicate whether your organization is an Individual or Non-Individual

Note: Choosing an organization type is important since this could serve as your basis when it comes to filing Income Tax Returns. 

STEP 3: Under Background, fill out required fields with the appropriate information based on the business' Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303) or COR.

STEP 4: Under Address, fill out the address that is indicated on your COR.

STEP 5: Under Contact, fill out the appropriate contact number and email address.

STEP 6: Under Tax Information, you have to indicate the TIN and RDO based from your COR.

STEP 7: Under Tax Type. Select between three (3) tax types: Percentage Tax, Value Added Tax and Tax Exempt

STEP 8: Enter your Start Date and Financial Year End
In this section, you need to enter which month and year you would like to create or recreate reports in JuanTax. You may also enter the Registration Date of your organization

 Example: If the current date is October 2019 and you wish to recreate your reports from January 2019, then you need to select January 2019.

STEP 9: Click Next and you will be directed to your organization's Dashboard.

Important Information:

  • When entering details of your organization, always refer to the business' COR 

  • "Start Date" pertains to the date that you want to start using JuanTax for your organization

What's Next?

  • Organizing your orgs in your Portal

  • Navigating the Portal

  • Using your JuanTax Dashboard

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