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Creating an Organization
Creating an Organization

In Plus your business and clients are called Organizations. Learn how to add organizations in Plus in 9 easy steps.

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STEP 1: Click the Create Organization button.

STEP 2:  Under Classification, you need to indicate whether your organization is an Individual or Non-Individual

Note: Choosing an organization type is important since this could serve as your basis when it comes to filing Income Tax Returns. 

STEP 3: Under Background, fill out required fields with the appropriate information based on the business' Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303) or COR.

STEP 4: Under Address, fill out the address that is indicated on your COR.

STEP 5: Under the Contact tab, fill out the appropriate Contact Number and Email Address.

STEP 6: Under Tax Information, on the drop-down menu, input your TIN number and designated RDO branch based on your COR. Select your Tax type and proceed to the next step.

STEP 7: Enter your Start Date, Registration Date, and Financial Year End
In this section, you need to enter which month and year you would like to create or recreate reports in Plus.

Example: If the current date is October 2019 and you wish to recreate your reports from January 2019, then you need to select January 2019.

STEP 8: This is the last part and where you get to review your organization details and subscribe to a new plan.

There are 3 possible screens you will see, depending on the type of plan you've subscribed to.

  • Plus Plan (Annual Subscription)

  • Plus Plan (Monthly Subscription)

  • Business Plan

A. Plus Annual Plan

B. Plus Monthly Plan

C. Business Plan

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