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Learn the requirements to seamlessly use the web and mobile app

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JuanTax is a digitized Business to Business (B2B) tax platform and automatic data entry for Accountants and Bookkeepers. JuanTax allows users to prepare, review, electronically file, and pay their monthly, quarterly, and annual tax compliance requirements with the BIR.

Since JuanTax is a digital tax platform, in order to use the web app on your computer, here is a list of system requirements needed for you to navigate the website seamlessly: 

A. Connection - You need to have a good internet connection. Either prepaid or postpaid would do, as long as it runs at a minimum internet speed of 1mbps.

B. Device - Any type of computer would do. But to experience the best performance of the system, it is recommended to have at least Pentium 2 processor, 4Gb of RAM, disk space 128 GB.

C. Browser - You can access the website using any browser

Aside from the website, JuanTax also has a mobile application. The mobile app is used together with the web app. All the data extracted from the documents scanned using the mobile app automatically appears in the Transaction module of the web app. 

In order to download and use the JuanTax app, here are the system requirements:

  • Must have 25.3 MB free space on your device

  • For Apple users, your software must be iOS 9 or later 

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