STEP 1: Right at the home page, click on the SIGN UP button.

Reminder: For you to be able to register for a Plus account, you must be a firm that offers accounting or bookkeeping services to clients.

STEP 2: Answer the eligibility questions:

a. Do you offer accounting or bookkeeping services?

b. What is your practice type?

c. How many clients do your practice work with?

We will also require you to share the following information:

a. First Name

b. Last Name

c. Email Address

d. Phone number

e. Firm or practice name

f. Firm/Company website

g. City

Don't worry, we keep all information shared with us private and confidential.  Check out our Privacy Policy 

STEP 3: That's it! After filling out all the questions, our Sales Team will be reaching out to you as soon as possible.

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