User Roles in JuanTax (New)

Each function is designed to improve your team’s collaboration by managing their access and permissions to your organization.

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You can invite people from your practice or business to access and manage your organization based on their functions as users.

List of User Roles and Functions

Owner (Subscriber)

Has access to all features and functions, including adding contacts, creating transactions, marking the transaction as paid, generating, filing, and amending tax reports. The Owner (Subscriber) User Role can also make changes in the Organization Settings and determine who can get access to an organization using the Manage User Role function.


Administrator access is defined as a level of access that is above all users. Admin has access to almost everything aside from the billing settings.


Has almost full access to JuanTax features and functions, from creating contacts and transactions to approving and filing tax returns. Compared to the Owner (Subscriber) User role, the Approver cannot make changes in the Settings section. 

Staff Preparer

This user role is responsible for entering data into JuanTax. He or she can add or edit contacts and transactions, generate reports, view drafts, and file transactions. They are the ones preparing the transactions and passing them for approval to file. 

Staff Preparer (Non-Payroll)

This role is designed to function the same as the Staff Preparer. They can view drafts and filed reports, add or edit transactions, and generate all reports except the compensation. Also, he/she doesn’t have access to the contact information of the employees in the organization.


This user role is basically made for users that have only access to compensation. They are not allowed to generate different reports other than compensation but have access to the contact information of employees in the organization. Has the ability to file directly for compensation as the Approver user does.


This user role is designed for members of the organization that cannot make any changes to all the information but can view contacts, drafts, and filed transactions and download reports if necessary. They review all the data entered in JuanTax.

Table Summary

Important Information:

  • The Administrator has full control over the account except for the Billing Settings.

  • The Owner (Subscriber) has all the access to your organization.

  • Approver has almost the same access as the Owner (Subscriber) but cannot make changes to the Setting section.

  • Staff Preparer can generate all forms and submit them for approval.

  • Staff Preparer (Non-Payroll) has the same function as the Staff Preparer but doesn't have any access to the compensation and contact information of employees.

  • Payroll cannot access other reports other than the compensation.

  • Read-Only, reviews all the data entered in JuanTax and cannot make any changes.

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