March 23, 2020

Creditable certificate application, improved CSV for transaction import, and others

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Transactions module: JuanTax provides a template for importing transactions in the Transactions module.  We added an asterisk (*) on the required fields.  We also automatically remove white spaces that are considered characters when importing to auto-clean data.

Applying Creditable Certificates: Applies to the Plus Plan.  When recording collection for sales invoices, there might be instances when the customer has withheld expanded withholding taxes, which is documented by a Creditable Certificate (Form 2307).  JuanTax allows you to monitor available Creditable Certificates.  Now, it will also allow you to match and apply the available Creditable Certificate against an outstanding sales invoice.

Income Statement Filters: Applies to the Plus Plan. Additional filters were provided such as monthly, and quarterly.  Year-to-date filter now considers fiscal year-end of the organization.

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