How to Upgrade your PayMaya Account

Find out everything you need to know about upgrading a PayMaya account.

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Disclaimer: This video is owned by PayMaya and is used in this article for educational purposes for the benefit of the general public.

Here's how:

  1. Log on to the PayMaya app. 

  2. Tap Menu (for Android) or tap More (for iOS), then tap Upgrade my Account (for Android) or Upgrade for Free (for iOS).

  3. Fill out the form with your Name and Birthday.

  4. Upload a photo of your valid ID/s and required documents and tap SUBMIT.

  5. You will receive a verification code through the app and SMS which you can use for face-to-face validation.

  6. Tap the Start Video Call button to talk to an available Upgrade Officer who will validate your application.  

NOTE: With an upgraded PayMaya account, you can send money to other PayMaya users, withdraw from any Bancnet ATM using the physical card and increase your wallet limit to 100,000php.

Important Information:

  • PayMaya representatives will not ask for your App Passwords, Physical and Virtual Card Details, and a one-time fee.

  • The upgrade is completely free

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