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Fast File Dashboard

We've made it simple for you to explore your account and check important information in one, easy-to-access place.

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The panels on Fast File your Dashboard consists of:

  1. Remaining Credit(s) - Shows the current credit on your account.

  2. Account Name - This part is where you can manage your Account Settings, Security, Credits, Join a Webinar or Log out from Fast File.

  3. Banner - The banner consists of links to Fast File's Current Webinars, Accounting & Tax Advisory, and Help Guides. Simply click the banner directly to reach each website.

  4. Select an Organization - This gives you the list of entities or individual accounts that you have created in your account. It also shows the organization's classification, type of return, and current status.

  5. Edit Organization - This lets you view and edit the details of your organization.

  6. Delete Organization - This allows you to delete an organization you might have mistakenly created or not needed anymore.

  7. Add New Organization - This allows you to create a fresh organization. If you have an existing JuanTax Plus organization, you also can import your data from Plus to Fast File.

  8. Dropdown filters - This function allows you to choose which forms to appear in your Return Summary Panel. You can filter by Form Type, Month & Year Filed, and Status of the return.

  9. Start Return - This button is for generating a new Tax Return.

  10. Return Summary - Shows the Return Period of the Tax Form, Tax Type, The amount of tax you need to pay, due dates, form status, and the number of hours or days the return was last updated.

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