The panels on your Dashboards consists of:

  1. Remaining Credit(s) - Shows the current credit on your account. If you click the Gear Icon, you will see a list of options such as User Settings, Buy Credits, Credits Usage, Training Webinars, and Log out.

  2. Fast File Training Banner - Clicking the 'Join Trainings' button here redirects you to the JuanTax event page which shows you the list of upcoming events you can book and attend.

  3. Select Organization - This gives you the list of entities or individual accounts that you have created in Fast File. It also shows the organization's classification, type of return, and its current status (Draft, Filed & Paid, In Progress, Amended Draft, Send to Client, and Sent to Client (locked).

  4. View Organization - This lets you view the details of the organizations such as the Registered Name, Line of Busines, Address Line, TIN, and RDO#.

  5. Add New Organization - This allows you to create a fresh organization. If you have an existing JuanTax organization, you also can import data from there to Fast File.

  6. Form Filter - This lets you filter out the forms showing on the (#8) Return Summary Panel by Form Type, Month & Year Filed, and Status of the return.

  7. Start Return - This button is for creating a new Tax Return.

  8. Return Summary - Shows the Date Filed, Form Type, Total amount of tax that you need to pay with the BIR, Period covered and due dates, ITR status, and the number of days the return was last updated.

  9. Pagination - If you have created multiple returns, this button lets you navigate to the next page of your list of returns.

  10. Support ChatBox - Search JuanTax Help Center for the information you need. If you can't find an article that answers your query, you may contact our support team via chat by clicking this button.

Helpful Links:

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